Protect And Store Your Precious Pieces With Custom Jewelry Organizers!

Protect And Store Your Precious Pieces With Custom Jewelry Organizers!

Tired of digging around to find your favorite pair of earrings? Do you get irritated having to untangle your neckpieces? Don’t worry! You can tame that “jewelry mess” simply and easily with custom jewelry organizers drawer inserts.

When it comes to your jewelry and other accessories, do you give much thought to how they are organized and stored? If you are someone who constantly leaves your accessories around in clumps and you often have a hassle finding your favorite one, Beauty By Eden is here to help you.  

We offer a gigantic range of high-quality custom jewelry trays for drawers to efficiently keep and store your jewelry.


“Grab A Beautiful Solution To A Messy Drawer With Beauty By Eden!”

Good care of your valuable jewelry, eyewear, and other fine accessories like watches is important to the long life of the pieces. And the most important component of good care is proper storage of the pieces when you are not using them regularly. Custom jewelry organizers are a popular solution to keep your pieces of jewelry, watches, and sunglasses organized and protected inside the drawer.

Our jewelry organizers are made with excellent quality materials such as velvet and ultra-suede fabrics that keep your fine pieces of jewelry, watches, eyewear, and other accessories in good condition.


“Custom Jewelry Trays For Drawers - Innovative Solution To Improve Your Home!”

Our Velvet Drawer Organizers for Jewelry Protection:

Jewelry is a delicate item. Without proper care, precious metals like gold and silver are damaged easily. Gold and silver are always alloyed with another metal to make them tough. Otherwise, they would be too soft to use. A higher percentage of real gold and silver is used in the piece, making it softer and more easily scratched or dented. You can easily ensure that your jewelry and expensive collection of other accessories remain undamaged by using drawer inserts lined with ultra-soft velvet.  

The custom jewelry trays for drawers help prevent the various jewelry articles from landing in a jumble or rubbing against each other when you are rummaging for that perfect piece of jewelry to mark a special occasion. Due to the excellent quality of velvet material, our trays prevent further movement of the accessories when the drawer is opened or closed.

Custom Jewelry Organizers

Did you know drawer inserts for jewelry can be used for watches?

For both men and women, watches are generally a type of functional jewelry. If left unprotected, the delicate crystals can scratch or even crack. Our velvet drawer inserts play an essential role in keeping your timepieces in good condition and reducing any chance of damage.

Velvet drawer inserts for sunglasses:

Custom jewelry organizers can also be used for organizing eyewear. The best thing about drawer inserts is that you can see the entire collection at once, allowing you to choose the perfect pair as a functional fashion accessory.

The bottom line:

So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a call at 305-804-6736 to custom design your new jewelry drawer insert. We modify the dimensions and quantity of compartments to fulfill your customized storage needs.  

We at Beauty By Eden offer designed, and customized jewelry drawer insert display tray that are not only luxurious in look and feel but are also effective in storing that precious jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories.

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