7 Awesome Ways to Organize Jewelry That Will Surely Elevate Its Upkeep

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Jewelry is every woman's must-have item; she can't afford to go amiss. It is mainly because beauty is who you are, and jewelry is the icing on the cake, accentuating your best self. There's no doubt to the fact that women are truly madly in love with the jewelry they own; what can't be ruled out is the tangled mess it ends up with. However, we cannot blame jewelry for the same, and there has to be a way to keep jewelry safe and tangle-free. 

When it comes to jewelry upkeep and maintenance, refrain from tossing all your necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other baubles into a pile. Because they differ in size and shape, each type of jewelry might need to be sorted and stored separately. Depending on available space, you can organize your jewelry collection atop jewelry trays for drawers.

Below is a List of Tips to Keep All Your Jewel Pieces Well-Organized:

  • Designate a Jewelry Drawer

Jewelry deserves a room of its own to stay in top condition. Go ahead. Designate a drawer in your closet or bedroom to keep your jewelry organized. These drawers play a key role so the pieces are easily accessible. Use a jewelry drawer organizer with trays in multiple sizes so you can sort necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more within the assigned slots. If you have additional space within the drawer, stack another jewelry tray on top of the first to increase your storage.

  • Make Everyday Accessorizing Easy

Accessorizing is an everyday thing that can't be ruled out. Make sure you organize every jewel piece accurately so that it's easy for you to pick the one you need to match the #OOTD. Keep necklaces knot-free by placing them separately in jewelry trays.

  • Keep Your Jewelry Collection Viewable

Give every jewelry its own sweet spot so it won't get tangled, misplaced, or broken. Store earrings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets in jewelry drawers. Seeing your treasures safely placed makes way for visual inventory, which will make it easier for you to spot, especially when something's gone astray.

  • Organize Jewelry into Designated Compartments

A painter's palette sets forth a solid foundation for creating an awesome space for accessories. Outfit the drawer with several trays to hold jewelry pieces.

  • Try a Custom Jewelry Organizer

Avert loss, breakage, and underuse by making an appropriate storage section for earrings in a custom organizer. Coming in a variety of exquisite sizes and styles, this jewelry organizer enables you to see all your options easily. The versatile design allows pieces to freely dangle.

  • Protect Your Fine Jewelry

Your jewelry is a true investment. Store them properly to ensure it stays in as-is condition for years. These jewelry storage are a one-go-to solution for keeping your accessories safe, organized, and dust-free. Use stackable jewelry trays for drawers to hold bulkier bracelets and necklaces.

  • Use Divided Jewelry Organizers

Shop for drawer trays that sort your baubles by type. Also, you can use specialty jewelry drawer inserts or dividers that allow you to customize a drawer's interior as per your needs.

Final Thoughts

Jewelries do a great job making you look absolutely gorgeous! Make sure you spoil them a little too by keeping them safe and protected.

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